“50/50” movie review

To be honest, I’d steered away from this movie simply because of Seth Rogen. Rogen tends to act in films that are long on forced laughs and short on most other things that comprise great movies, but after seeing “50/50” in a critic’s top 15 list for 2011 I decided to give it a shot. I was in for a surprise. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of “Inception” fame) stars in this film based on the true life story of a young guy who’s diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Rogen fills the role of his best friend. It’s hard to say if this movie falls into the drama or comedy category or somewhere in between. The film is definitely intended for adult audiences; never skirting around the dark issues cancer brings, but rather embracing them in an honest way. Rogen makes use of a great script to inject humor at just the right time to keep an even keel under a story which could have run into the melodramatic; instead, it maintains a genuine feel. Gordon-Levitt has firmly announced his ability, not only to star in a film, but to give such a raw, empathetic performance that you can’t help but be moved by the understated yet poignant path he walks through the fight with cancer. Anyone who has lost someone to an illness, or experienced something like it themselves, won’t be able to remain untouched by this film.




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