RevelationApp is coming!

Combine a graphic novel approach and one of the most exciting books of the bible, and you have a visual masterpiece that defies description. RevelationApp posted this update to their facebook page today:

[This] comes from today’s Publisher’s Weekly:

“Zondervan Has a ‘Revelation’
Mike Vander Klipp at Zondervan took North American rights to a graphic novel called The Book of Revelation by Father Mark Arey, Philemon Sevstiades, illustrator Chris Koelle, screenwriter Matt Dorff and actor Chris Diamantopoulos. Arey is a priest in the in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and provided, with Sevstiades, an original translation of the religious text. Diamantopoulos, who is playing Moe in the forthcoming Three Stooges film, served as a producer of sorts on the project, while Dorff was the artistic director, helping to balance the text and imagery. Kirby Kim and Margaret Riley at William Morris Endeavor brokered the deal, and the book features over 600 original illustrations by Koelle. Kim said: “With a narrative that skews closer to Tolkien or Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth than the traditional reading of the Book of Revelation, the story reads like a 21st-century epic fantasy while still hewing closely to its scriptural roots.”

So Chris Koelle got a little “Pearl” and a publishing deal on the same day, how awesome is that?

The details are still being worked out, for those with questions of when, where and what can be expected regarding the app. Essentially this means we will be coming out on multiple platforms, including print (yay!) and ebook, so we won’t be limited to iPad and iPhone. It’s great news, but will probably require some more patience on the part of our fans and followers. Have not locked down new release dates. Stay tuned for further updates.

What we can say now is that “Revelation” will be coming to the world in all its Koelle-fied glory, we are confident that the book will get the wide distribution and marketing it deserves. Thanks to everyone who has liked us or said a kind word on our page.

More soon!

I literally cannot wait to see the finished product. The incredibly talented Chris Koelle used photos of live models and based the biblical characters from them in his sketches (he was on his own for the monsters!). I had the opportunity to be one of the reference models; hence, my extreme impatience to see the finished project.

I’ll post any more updates as they come. In the meantime, check out RevelationApp’s facebook page where you can enjoy more pictures like these…


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