“Paint the Room”

A beautiful poem written by Tara-Leigh Cobble’s friend Lee McDerment for his girlfriend included in her book “Orange Jumpsuit.” Tara-Leigh is an incredible singer, writer, speaker, and song writer. Check out her website here

“Paint the Room”

you realize you paint the room

every time you walk through the door.

you know, few people do that.

they utter tans and browns; mindless khaki commentary.

they mutter monochrome monontone

and leave the walls plain.

but, you, the other day you shouted orange on the door frame

and laughed a yellow streak from floor to ceiling.

with phoenix phrases you shocked to life the air

ever narrowing between us.

when I said hello you smiled and poured lavender on my shirt.

when your heart is on your sleeve

you enunciate in crimson conviction and white hot punctuation.

jealous fireworks spark hot in the air and leave ash on the floor.

and when you whisper to me, you breathe silver into my ear

and spill passion and pink down my neck.

and in the evenings you pray the most golden prayers

so, speak on, free woman.

paint the blank world.

play the refracted kaleidoscope symphony.

wrap it in colors untamed and terrible

tragic, warm, and wonderful

holy and hopeful and helpless.


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