Sunset – a poem

[because I love driving]


Grey, sullen, infinite skies

Brooding, falling

As I navigate the channel

Mountain peaks rubbing


I squeeze between

The road an ebony slice

Gashing their flanks

Virgin wool blankets millions of willowy arms

Dull, muted soldiers

Plodding slowly

Into the distance

Silence invades, pervades


I round the ridge

An explosion

Of light

A crimson deluge

Fire, fracturing, canting

Rubies splash along the crystalline contours

Of the smoldering cliffs

Sunlight igniting

Millions of prisms

Blistering, a cacophony of scarlet blood

I can’t breathe, think

Only stare, absorb

Try to hold onto this moment

Before I can inhale it’s


Darkness falls

Night extinguishes and

Caresses the mountains


Leaving only a memory of smoke.


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