“Poem of Thought” by Hannah Jackson

A talented writer friend of mine and I got together to toss around story ideas and ended up sharing poems that we’d written in the past. This is one of hers. I love the raw pain and brokenness. So vulnerable and honest.


A promise. Spoken words. Forward movement.
Your lips say friends. Your body says differently.
Our hearts don’t know which to believe.
Our hearts are confused. Scared.
Desires rage. Passions hold back no longer.
Both are wrong. Both feel so right.
Hands float freely, no though of the present action.
Comfort and trust deceive us.
This is a safe place. Yes. A safe place in a field of hidden mines.
Move one step over and it is no longer safe.
The safe place becomes a barrett of explosions.
Exposing wounds that have been covered for so long.
So long that trees and grass have begun to grow in the shallow dirt blown over.
A promise broken. Strangled to death by twisted sheets.
Skin lies exposed to the midnight moon. Unashamed.
The movement of two bodies takes over.
We are but animals. Completely selfish in lust.
Hidden beneath layers of broken words.
It is a fantasy world in which no real heart can survive.
The rush of ecstasy is overpowering, hiding the wounds.
Confused hearts now lie broken. Bare and naked.
The early sun exposing two bodies wrongly made one.
Now so intertwined, there is no way to cleanly depart.
Spoken words are meaningless. Bodies have spoken.
And the promise of yesterday is gone.


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