The Mirror Never Tells


Retreat, solace, best friend
Refracted windows of the soul
Aqua, emerald, hazel fires
The mirror never tells.

Whisper, scream, claim your dreams
Give your glow, your soul
It’s safe
The mirror never tells.

It sees your mask, peels it back
Without condemnation
Shredding obfuscation
The mirror never tells.

Razored lines of snow
Roping, strangulated limbs
Convulsing for illusive salvation
The mirror never tells.

Brilliant ruby streams
Juddering sobs in the shower
Huddle in the steam
The mirror never tells.

Shatter, smash, pulverize
Its liquid, tranquil surface
Howl your hate, despair, wretched pain
The mirror never tells.

Fractured spiderweb visage
Sin eater for your soul
Arms wide, come home
The mirror never tells.




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