The Phone Call – short film

Late last night, after a grueling weekend, I was skimming through my twitter feed before going to bed when I noticed a tweet from a filmmaker friend of mine. He was raving about some Oscar-nominated short film, so I decided to put sleep on hold for a few more minutes and check it out.

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact I experienced over the next 20 minutes. In that brief span of time, filmmakers Mat Kirkby and James Lucas spun a beautiful story–an Oscar-worthy story. Their patience in waiting for Sally Hawkins to play the lead (a year’s time…that’s right, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are short films) was rewarded a thousand times over. She knocked it out of the park. Check that. She blew up the park, built a bigger one, and then knocked it out of that park. And the wonderful Jim Broadbent in a faceless role, playing opposite her on the other end of a telephone call, brought every emotion a director could ask for.

Watch this. Just make sure you’ve got some time to pick your emotional self off the floor afterwards.
(click picture to watch the film)



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