Wore you like a straightjacket
Swore you’d stay, made love to me, broke me
Muffled mordant laughs buried me, rode off and left me
Clawing free through the ashes
Of a burning shell I call a soul
I’ll dig the dirt from under my nails
Ripped to the quick
Bleeding, raw, aching
Slip my arms back into your ghost’s embrace, shaking
And wear you like a straightjacket
Flaking buckles rusted, crusted, cracking
Leather straps I’m wrapping
Suffocating the brackish vibration
The syncopated circulation I call life
Because in the dark hollows
That swallow
My screams
My only safety, my siren
You’re a fire in
My bones I can’t put out
Someone go on, shout
Wrap him in a straightjacket.
– ijs

*Thanks to my friends Seth Nathan Green and Kris Wente for getting the idea of a straightjacket stuck in my head.


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