You Leaned on Me



Scars I wear
Memories I swear
I’d someday forget
Jarred loose
In that breeze
I caught you through the open door
Walking ‘cross the same lot where
We used to lie
Watched sun die
Floating on asphalt
In the billowing night
Twinkling lights
Dancing supergiants
Laughing one last dance
Tossing fractal radiance
You leaned on me
While I held you free
And close
Intoxication, almost
Seemed to be
Stop, time, please
But the sand kept running
While crystalline points of ice
Flurried snowflake sketches in the sky
Cassiopeia, Orion, Taurus
Danced above us
Tangled lovers
Too young perhaps
A happenstance
Victims of chance
I’d hold you now if I could just awake
But I’m Rip Van Winkle
A hundred years too late.



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