Just Fight


He took what you had
Debased your bed
And left you there.
Just fight.

Thought she cared
Now beyond despair
While she walked away.
Just fight.

Again ignored
Dreams on the floor
And you’re down with ’em.
Just fight.

The mirror lies
While you cringe, despise
Magnetic porcelain.
Just fight.

You both sit and stare
Do you really care
To even try?
Just fight.

Love in flames
The wreckage ours to blame
(lace ’em up with me?).
Just fight.

“Tomorrow” is true
But “tonight” is a view
Impossible to shake.
Just fight.

Teeth kicked in
“You’ll never win”
Choke down the blood.
Just fight.

How long you gonna wait
Go on and sucker punch Fate
I really don’t care
What you deal me to bear
Come take my hand.
Let’s fight.


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