Walk Alone


What hidden gems your hands might find
From deep and black and virgin mines
Where ne’er have tread the feet of kings
Or sounded echoes, hollow rings
Too frightened are the souls of those
To step beyond and face their foes
Never to know the thrill that comes
From seeing lost, forgotten suns
Set far away o’er dark expanse
Or chilled by howling wilderness
One truth I leave upon this stone
Learn, my child, to walk alone.

*author’s note: I’ve always been pretty good at “being alone,” embracing solitude, accepting my inner introvert, but recently I’ve come to see it as a true blessing. It’s so hard to turn off the noise, to step away from social media, to look within and not be scared to death at what you might find. Truly knowing yourself leads to freedom and strength in your relationships with others. Accept “alone time” as a gift, an opportunity to search the depths of who you are and to discover the hidden treasures in this fantastic world.

I’ll leave you with this:


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