White Fire

Meteor Shower

Some night soon
I’ll turn back
And look
Beyond the months
The years
Plastered obsidian disasters
Immune to the call of reason
Whispering please and
Reaching for a fleeting hope
Crueler than execution’s rope
Dreams built up
From those charred crypts
Creeps a breath of lambent life
Singing soul-shredding harmonies
As it totters
And solders my fragile soul
While I
Too jaded to believe
There might be
Freedom for me
Yearn for a new day
A new dawn
Because in this blackness I feel so alone
But soon I’ll embrace it
The torture
I’ll face it
The dream that there might be
There might be
There just might be something
Around the next corner
So I’ll refuse the lies
Wrench open bloodshot eyes
And watch the falling stars
(white fire)
Scratch the yawning skies.


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