Those Dusty Cowboy Boots

bootsJust a country boy from Tennessee
A guy with nothing to lose
The night I saw her walk in
Wearing those dusty cowboy boots.

The way she danced
Know she wasn’t tryin’ to seduce
Just couldn’t say no to her
And those dusty cowboy boots.

Gave her my heart since I didn’t have a lot
“It’s a gift
But it’s all I got”
And she stopped my excuse
Leaned up
Kissed me
In those dusty cowboy boots.

Watched her wave when I left
Bound half a world away
Carrying skills
She prayed I’d never have to use
Remember how she stood there
In her dusty cowboy boots.

Bleeding out now
(luck runs out)
A victim of this war’s abuse
Staring at that picture of her one more time–
Of her in those dusty cowboy boots.

When they play Taps
And put me under in my blues
Hand you that flag
Wear those dusty cowboy boots.

I won’t say don’t cry
While you say your goodbye
’cause everyone’s gotta die
Take that last ride into the sky–
But when you come baby
I’ll be waiting
I’ll be watching
I’ll be listening for you
And we’ll scuff those golden streets together
In our dusty cowboy boots.


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