puzzle pieces

I looked into your eyes
As we delved
Placing those pieces together
Pulling from ourselves
Making something more than
One plus one
A whole beyond the quantitative sum
Breaking universal laws
Until you decided it was over
Shredding the fabric
Warp and woof left jagged
You take yours
I’ll take mine
It’s all a game
Taking your toys
Fading away
(what are we, eight?)
Redirecting fate
But somewhere in the mess
I’ve gotta confess
You left part of you
And took part of me.

I’ve tried to get rid of it
That part of you
Burned it
Buried it
Started over new
But every once in a while
A laugh
A smell
And the way the wind blows through my car windows at night
(I can’t even tell)
That miserable piece shows back up
A virgin razor blade
Echoing you.

I’ve searched–
All the nights
Stuppored riots
Self-chastising violence
Love, lust, and biblical silence
Still can’t find
The answer to that void ripping free
So I’ll upend the box again
And look for that last piece of me.


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