When she asked the question
Cancer answered
Took her from me
Bloody bastard
But not suddenly
Reached through time’s line
Short-circuited the clock
That metronome
That knocks
Tick tocks
In brightest day and quietest night
Reminding us we’re all terminal
It’s a losing fight
So we talked about stuff
Like people do
Any day you could go down
You never knew
Clear that she would beat me there
Her husk remained
Beyond repair
Vitality gutted
Jerked away
Leaving brackish phlegm
Hacked razor blades
She reached out
I took her hand
Wanted to follow her
To Neverland
But the closest I got
Was the tiniest squeeze
A memory to haunt
(whispers in the breeze)
So I’ll go visit her
Imagine her
Way out in the sky
While I sit
By the spot
Of our last goodbye.

*Author’s note: this is dedicated to all my grandparents who went too soon but especially to my grandma Askew. She was an amazing friend and a beautiful soul.
If you still have grandparents who are living, you are blessed.


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