Where You Sit


I saw you there
Across the bar
Far side of the galaxy
Light years apart
Muted teardrops in your malbec
Wishing you could take back
Whatever it was
Whatever it is
That’s playing over and over
the pain
That demon-skipped record
A bloody splinter in your brain
And now you sit
Self-imposed isolation
Feeding desolation
Libations that never touch the ache
Your eyes’ inflection
Mirrors the cataclysmic eruption
Savaging your heart.

I sat where you sit
Mirrored you
Whiskey bolstered
Pushing through
With my guard up
Bleeding heart on my sleeve
Hoping someone could sense
But scared they knew
leave me alone to grieve
A dichotomy
Pain’s purest true.

Raised my finger
Called the bartender
Added to your bender
And when he set the glass down
You looked up
At him
At me
I tipped mine
Toasting your reverie
You returned in kind
Your motion subtle
A moment sublime
Shared between strangers
Never to speak
But with that look we filled volumes
With words that only
A paintbrush
A musician’s tone
A lover’s moan
Could hope to translate.

With that gesture
Changed your hue
So I’ll throw back
My Johnny Walker Black
In a toast to you
Walk out that door
And leave you blue.


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