White Flag

white flag

I churned through dreams
(sleep’s viscous veil)
Of a haunted hill
In a frozen gale
Where we left that white flag
To tell the tale of
Two hearts broken
(to no avail)
In weeping winters both impaled
Years of wandering
Nights in hell
Backed away
Maimed and broken
Swore we’d never again hold on to tokens
Clasped in battered hands
Now only bands
Of iron
Bands of iron
On which we carve the nights
The memories
The gasps of reveries
Euphoric lovers
Now punch-drunk rovers
If only I could find the time to borrow
I’d go back and fight
Those dragons that stole tomorrows
That should have been ours
Eyes wide shut to shifting sands
Eroding years and passionate plans
Left in the wilderness
For jackal packs
Now gutted carrion
So I’ll turn away
Watch my futures fly free
And know when you wake by him
You’re only half without me.


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