Settled back with a sigh
Gnarled hands folded
Watched the fire die
Embers glowing
Sparks soaring
Cascading upward
And his grizzled words came softly
So softly–
The day someone tells you they love you
That day will never die.
And his eyes glowed.

With those words a wrinkle is formed
In the fabric of fate
And nothing can ever be the same again
All things must change
Souls live
To hear those words
If only just once.
And his eyes glowed.

Stars are born
Mountains fade
But to hear
To actually hear those words
For the first time–
And he turned to me
And his eyes glowed.

To hear those words
From lips that mean them
That truly mean them
(his oaken voice shook)
Such beauty you can’t imagine
The heart is barely designed to accept
To embrace such a thing.
And his eyes glowed.

You really can’t imagine it
You can’t if you’ve never been there
I think I could fight the oldest and grandest of dragons
On the power of those words
And the weight of her look when she touched my face
And whispered them to me.
And his eyes glowed.
They glowed as he looked up into Orion’s expanse
Receiving the souls of Prometheus’s returning children.

You can’t imagine it.
You can’t.

(but I can.)


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