I’ve Been Hiding

I’ve been hiding.

There I said it. You freakin’ happy now, Jiminy Cricket?

It’s an easy thing to do once you get into it–you take one step, then another, and the
next thing you know you’re off somewhere in left field daydreaming and doing absolutely nothing constructive. As my dad likes to quote, “The good is always the enemy of the best.” I set myself a creative goal to write a poem each week, knowing I could do it–it wouldn’t be that hard. A weekly poem is something I can sit down and knock out in
anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours depending on how my coffee–I mean creative— vibe is going. But there’s the problem: I set myself up to fail. I gave myself the easy way out. I’ve been content to throw back handfuls of M&M’s in the candy aisle when I should be marinating and prepping a steak.

So I’m done. I’m done hiding behind weekly creative “highs.” I’m not knocking my poems; I’m really proud of most of them, and I love hearing from songwriter friends who use them for inspiration (I still want my cut when you write the next #1 hit–you know who you are! also, I love you guys). But that’s not the end of my writing spectrum. Fiction is calling me, and I’ve ignored it for long enough because I was scared of the work. My first book wore me out. But I have more in me. I’m going to get back to work on the stories I need to tell. Cal, Bobby, and Little Pete . . . my government operative . . . I’m not sure which way I’m going to run, but it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported my weekly writing. Nothing encourages a creative like hearing that their work touches someone. I’ll continue to share writing tidbits as I go, but I’m done hiding.

Here’s one more for the road . . .

Tell me about your scars
Tell me a story you’ve never told anyone
It’s quiet
I’ll sit here and wait
I’ll wait with you by the sea
Watching whitecaps break themselves to pieces on the rocks below
While Orion keeps us company.

PS. I’m also working on new short films. I’ve got my second short written; I’m just
waiting to get the funding together for it. This screengrab from my film “Stay” pretty
much sums up how I feel right now: scared but ready to embrace this new challenge.



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