New photo shoot with Aña Monique

“It’s your job to get vulnerable. It gets you into the flow and unlocks your subconscious so that you get out of your head and into your heart.
The part of you that is gonna do a good job is the part that you want to most deny.”
John Cusack

Aña asked if I’d be willing to do a vulnerable shoot, and since I’ve gotten to know her—as a friend and an artist—I told her I was in.
Opening up like this in front of a camera—whether on a set or in a studio—takes a lot of trust, and she’s more than earned it.

Isaiah Stratton3.1

Isaiah Stratton3.2

Isaiah Stratton3.3

Isaiah Stratton3.4

Isaiah Stratton3.5

Isaiah Stratton3.6

Isaiah Stratton3.7

Isaiah Stratton3.8

Isaiah Stratton3.9

Isaiah Stratton3.10

2nd photo shoot with Aña Monique

Dean, Brando, Eastwood, Gibson . . . you can’t put them in a box. They all have this raw fire, this edge of craziness, pulsing just under the surface.

That’s what Ana and I were shooting to capture.





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