There are places we go
That forever stay
There are feelings
That leave with no goodbye
And it’s in the midst of these
Indefinable points of
.     latitude and longitude
We grieve
.     quietly.

In the smallest smiles
And words unsaid
Lie the broken chords
That will never be tuned
And in the discordance
The sustained hum of harmonies
.     straining for resolution
We thrum
.     quietly.

So step beyond the pale
And drink to the moon
Toast the holy, silent night
With unsung screams of
.     fractured dreams
And listen
As the universe leans in
And sings with you
.     quietly.

author’s note: Forgive the weird formatting with the floating periods. I couldn’t figure out how to indent single lines without indenting the entire paragraph, and when I tried to “space-bar in” a blank space instead, the lines just ended up going back to left-justified. So if anyone out there knows how to indent single lines, I’d love to learn some WordPress magic.


She wanted my heart
but all I could give
was my body
and so we drank a bottle
then played that song

and I held her
while she rode me
into the morning
threw the alarm clock on the floor
and we followed it
while our heat went up in shadows
on the walls

She asked me to stay
unable to see
she was talking to a ghost
and in the morning blue
I closed the door
and walked out of her life
and left her alone
wearing nothing but her makeup.

Black Hole

black hole

Covalent bonds
All based on
The trajectory we were on
You broke them
Ripped them
Stripped them of positives I needed
I pleaded
Left me reeling
A spark in the dark
But now beyond
The groaning throng
Empty space yawns
And calls
An opaque pall
Sucking me back into the void
Promising joy
Cataclysmic fruit
Ripe for the taking
Beyond the hearts you’re breaking
Scything wheat
Chaff left like bleating sheep
Charnel houses reeking
Of sulphur and flame
Guts flash burned with shame
You’re a black hole
And I don’t know if my soul
Will ever be the same.

White Flag

white flag

I churned through dreams
(sleep’s viscous veil)
Of a haunted hill
In a frozen gale
Where we left that white flag
To tell the tale of
Two hearts broken
(to no avail)
In weeping winters both impaled
Years of wandering
Nights in hell
Backed away
Maimed and broken
Swore we’d never again hold on to tokens
Clasped in battered hands
Now only bands
Of iron
Bands of iron
On which we carve the nights
The memories
The gasps of reveries
Euphoric lovers
Now punch-drunk rovers
If only I could find the time to borrow
I’d go back and fight
Those dragons that stole tomorrows
That should have been ours
Eyes wide shut to shifting sands
Eroding years and passionate plans
Left in the wilderness
For jackal packs
Now gutted carrion
So I’ll turn away
Watch my futures fly free
And know when you wake by him
You’re only half without me.


puzzle pieces

I looked into your eyes
As we delved
Placing those pieces together
Pulling from ourselves
Making something more than
One plus one
A whole beyond the quantitative sum
Breaking universal laws
Until you decided it was over
Shredding the fabric
Warp and woof left jagged
You take yours
I’ll take mine
It’s all a game
Taking your toys
Fading away
(what are we, eight?)
Redirecting fate
But somewhere in the mess
I’ve gotta confess
You left part of you
And took part of me.

I’ve tried to get rid of it
That part of you
Burned it
Buried it
Started over new
But every once in a while
A laugh
A smell
And the way the wind blows through my car windows at night
(I can’t even tell)
That miserable piece shows back up
A virgin razor blade
Echoing you.

I’ve searched–
All the nights
Stuppored riots
Self-chastising violence
Love, lust, and biblical silence
Still can’t find
The answer to that void ripping free
So I’ll upend the box again
And look for that last piece of me.