Ruston Kelly’s “Mockingbird” music video

I’ve worked on a lot of music videos. And I mean a lot… as in twenty-three at my latest count. Some of them I’ll never post about because, let’s face it, some jobs we just do to pay the rent.

But thankfully most of them have been great projects with great people. And this new video for Ruston Kelly falls in that category.

I worked with the brother/sister director team of Stephen Kinigopoulos and Alexa King last year, and when the opportunity came up to work with them again I jumped on board. We shot for three days on this video, and it turned out beautifully.

Find people you like to work with, and keep working with them.

NF “Therapy Session” music video

Doing NF’s Therapy Session video was one of the hardest things I’ve done emotionally as an actor. While we were shooting, I felt like the backseat passenger in a car watching something going on through the windshield but powerless to do anything about it. The character just took over–which is what I wanted–but it still didn’t cut the sick feeling. Between takes, I had to keep going over to Danielle to ask if she was okay. Her vulnerability just made it feel that real. I don‘t understand how total method actors do it.

I’ve never been in an abusive relationship. I’ve never struggled with cutting. I’ve never been threatened or trolled on social media, but I’ve had friends who have . . . and I’m so sorry. I’m thankful Nate’s willing to tackle subject matter like this. It’s not pretty. But it’s real. People all around are crying for attention. Crying for help. Crying to be loved. Open your eyes.

Luke Bryan “Strip It Down” video

I had the privilege a few weeks back to work on Luke Bryan’s new video for his hit single “Strip It Down.” Rollingstone Magazine even featured a nice write-up to go along with the video launch (you can check it out here).

It really was a blast. We shot for two days, knocking out the “country” scenes at Luke’s farm down in Franklin, TN, and the “city” scenes the next day at the Twelve Twelve condos in the Gulch. The “city couple” was an actual real-life engaged couple out of Atlanta. Rudy and Malone are both models, and we all had a great time hanging out. Abbi (who I’ve worked with on multiple shoots now) played my wife, and evidently we sold our chemistry pretty well because at one point we got asked “So, how many kids do you guys have?”
Cue awkward laughter all round.


David Ramirez’s “Rock and a Hard Place”

Check out the music video for David Ramirez‘s song “Rock and a hard Place” directed by Ryan Booth and featuring a muted, crushing performance by Keir O’Donnell.

Booth’s intimate, hand-held shooting style lends itself perfectly to the quiet tempo of the song and puts us right in the middle of the pain that O’Donnell makes us feel.

Lucie Silvas “Villain” music video

Lucie did a beautiful job on this video. I’m thankful she invited me along for the ride. She’s an incredibly sweet and insanely talented soul.

(and, yeah, hitting reinforced prison glass hurts about as much as you’d think it would … all worth it.)

Check out Lucie’s other video “Letters to Ghosts” that she just released too.

Katy Perry Super Bowl Mash-Up (by Anthem Lights)

In honor of the Super Bowl, check out this parody music video the guys from Anthem Lights did. We had a blast clowning around shooting this, and although I was wearing Patriot garb, I hold no allegiance to them … I’m an actor. I just do what people pay me to do.
I kid.
But seriously.

Joey, Alan, Chad, and Caleb were hilarious to hang out with. Check them out on YouTube and iTunes. Here’s a couple more of their covers.