He Looked at Me


We walked
On a ridge over the sea
While behind us
The valley’s sucking void bled away
And looking back over the journey
The whispers of loss
Ghosts and phantoms
Still haunting
Still calling
I turned to him
Why all this?
And quietly he looked at me.

You watched
You saw
Each unbroken fall
Each sobbing breath
You heard each call
For love
And quietly he looked at me.

Each night alone
Each day spent roaming
In the dark.
And quietly he looked at me.

And then
With the weight of a thousand mountains
He laid his hand on my shoulder
And turned me
To look away to the east
Over the fiery ocean
Blazing diademed infinities
Burning away the mist
And where once the darkness
Owned my vision
Claimed it
Framed it
Draped it
In rending doubt
Nothing mattered but him
And I saw clearly then
I saw clearly.
And quietly he looked at me.

And in those eyes
I tasted the ocean’s salt
Heard unanswerable mysteries
Felt the riddle of my fault
And in those eyes
(refracted crashing waves)
The lies
I believed
Were swept away
Chaff in the tumbling wind
Of his gaze.



A restlessness
Stirs me
Calls me
Beyond the drag of civilization
And somewhere among
The mountains
The water
The open sky
The trees
I nearly find

*photo credit by my good friends Abigail and Ricky Lupp. I tagged along with them to explore Cummins Falls–one of TN’s hidden treasures; beautiful 75′ falls and one of the top 10 swimming holes in the US