There are places we go
That forever stay
There are feelings
That leave with no goodbye
And it’s in the midst of these
Indefinable points of
.     latitude and longitude
We grieve
.     quietly.

In the smallest smiles
And words unsaid
Lie the broken chords
That will never be tuned
And in the discordance
The sustained hum of harmonies
.     straining for resolution
We thrum
.     quietly.

So step beyond the pale
And drink to the moon
Toast the holy, silent night
With unsung screams of
.     fractured dreams
And listen
As the universe leans in
And sings with you
.     quietly.

author’s note: Forgive the weird formatting with the floating periods. I couldn’t figure out how to indent single lines without indenting the entire paragraph, and when I tried to “space-bar in” a blank space instead, the lines just ended up going back to left-justified. So if anyone out there knows how to indent single lines, I’d love to learn some WordPress magic.

Maybe I Waited

I suppose (maybe) I liked the way
You haunted the halls of my heart
Whispering your cold, dark pain
But maybe there are better places (now)
To find my inspiration.

I think (maybe) I’ve drawn that well dry
Coming back once too often
And it’s possible I kept searching those depths
Because I thought to leave it
Would kill a part of me.

It’s time for you to go
(let me be)
Because you’re already gone
A tortured ghost
Snatched by yesterday’s breeze.



Tombstones march along the hill
Ranks of the dead forever still
Monsters and angels side by side
Some reprieved, some denied
And the turning leaves leave me restless
My unutterable smallness; the cosmic madness
Wondering how they accepted fate
When their dash turned into a date
And the wind whispers of love’s lost hand
Mingling with the shrieks of the eternal damned.



Your tear-streaked cheeks
Virgin peaks
By avalanche shrieks
All lies
And I despise
The way you reprised
The story I’d heard
A thousand times
Ripped my heart
Left me hollow
When you tied it to that anchor
Threw it overboard
Watched me sink into oblivion
Your silence answering
What you left unsaid
I’ll welcome death
’cause in the underworld
I’ll give up my heart
If I can forget yours.

Iron Fist



I once knew every inch of you
Hours of passion
(nights I rue)
That chair we took
(I took you there)
Now burned, soot-blackened
Kicks despair
We fell away
(fate’s manic twist)
And with a velvet-wrapped iron fist
You broke the heart
Cupid should’ve missed
Stitched shut the mouth
My lips once kissed
Your deep embraces tossed aside
Changed ’em up for acid lies
And now look on that bed we shared
Go on, ask yourself
Did you ever care.



Do not mistake
Stillness for silence
Untold waves of passionate violence
Break under cover
A quiet disguise
I wait for the one
Who can read
My eyes.

*author’s note: I pulled this from one of my journals from a few years back.
People often think they know you based on what they see on the external. Take the time to get to know people inside; look someone in the eyes, and see what stories you’ll find.

White Fire

Meteor Shower

Some night soon
I’ll turn back
And look
Beyond the months
The years
Plastered obsidian disasters
Immune to the call of reason
Whispering please and
Reaching for a fleeting hope
Crueler than execution’s rope
Dreams built up
From those charred crypts
Creeps a breath of lambent life
Singing soul-shredding harmonies
As it totters
And solders my fragile soul
While I
Too jaded to believe
There might be
Freedom for me
Yearn for a new day
A new dawn
Because in this blackness I feel so alone
But soon I’ll embrace it
The torture
I’ll face it
The dream that there might be
There might be
There just might be something
Around the next corner
So I’ll refuse the lies
Wrench open bloodshot eyes
And watch the falling stars
(white fire)
Scratch the yawning skies.