Versorium – short film

Ryan Smith called me up a couple months back and asked if I’d be down to jump in on this project.
I love it when people don’t just talk about making stuff . . . they pull on their boots and do it.

If you find artists who put some bite behind their bark, befriend them; work with them; learn from them.
They’re the ones who won’t still be sitting in the same place five years from now.

Portal Combat – a Film Riot short film

Check out Ryan Connolly and Film Riot‘s latest short film. I love how easy he makes things look, and then he takes the time to break it all down in what seems to be a caffeine-induced speed-talking blitz.

Keep ’em coming, man.


U.F.Oh Yeah – short film

If you want flying saucers, hilarious dialogue, and a wonderful fat suit all rolled into one big ball of Vimeo Staff picked goodness, look no further.

Ryan Connolly has hit it out of the park.


Then check out the BTS from the making of “U.F.Oh Yeah”

Finally, if you want to geek out on all the technical sorcery, check out Film Riot’s YouTube channel¬†here.

Bag Man – short film

Man, so many amazing short films and so little time. Australian duo Jonathan and Josh Baker¬†bring a small film to life in a big way. The cinematography is gorgeous and I couldn’t get enough of the score. I hope these dudes keep working their magic in the realm of narrative film.