There are places we go
That forever stay
There are feelings
That leave with no goodbye
And it’s in the midst of these
Indefinable points of
.     latitude and longitude
We grieve
.     quietly.

In the smallest smiles
And words unsaid
Lie the broken chords
That will never be tuned
And in the discordance
The sustained hum of harmonies
.     straining for resolution
We thrum
.     quietly.

So step beyond the pale
And drink to the moon
Toast the holy, silent night
With unsung screams of
.     fractured dreams
And listen
As the universe leans in
And sings with you
.     quietly.

author’s note: Forgive the weird formatting with the floating periods. I couldn’t figure out how to indent single lines without indenting the entire paragraph, and when I tried to “space-bar in” a blank space instead, the lines just ended up going back to left-justified. So if anyone out there knows how to indent single lines, I’d love to learn some WordPress magic.

Fallen Stars


You came back again
A moth to the flame
And I can’t take the way
You shimmer and dance
Like it was yesterday
I’m telling you it’s better this way
Because there is no chance
No You’ll be fine
They lied saying
The stars will align
Flung by Fate
Predestinated meteors
Irradiating the nameless faces
Stalking our progress
Howling derision and praises
And light years above the throng
We track divergent courses
Fallen stars
Into splintering oblivion.

*author’s note: written while listening to David Ramirez’s “Rock and a Hard Place”

Black Hole

black hole

Covalent bonds
All based on
The trajectory we were on
You broke them
Ripped them
Stripped them of positives I needed
I pleaded
Left me reeling
A spark in the dark
But now beyond
The groaning throng
Empty space yawns
And calls
An opaque pall
Sucking me back into the void
Promising joy
Cataclysmic fruit
Ripe for the taking
Beyond the hearts you’re breaking
Scything wheat
Chaff left like bleating sheep
Charnel houses reeking
Of sulphur and flame
Guts flash burned with shame
You’re a black hole
And I don’t know if my soul
Will ever be the same.


I was talking with some filmmaker friends of mine after watching “Bloom,” a film shot by Khalid Mohtaseb, and I made the comment “if I could make a living working on short films of this caliber, I’d do it, no questions asked. You can keep all your fluffy tv shows and shallow movies.”

Salomon LigthelmDan DiFelice, and Khalid have proved my point again with this extraordinary film.