David Ramirez’s “Rock and a Hard Place”

Check out the music video for David Ramirez‘s song “Rock and a hard Place” directed by Ryan Booth and featuring a muted, crushing performance by Keir O’Donnell.

Booth’s intimate, hand-held shooting style lends itself perfectly to the quiet tempo of the song and puts us right in the middle of the pain that O’Donnell makes us feel.

First Person Super Smash Bros.

The gurus at SoKrispyMedia who brought you Chalk Warfare 3.0 and Wolverine (Fan Film) are at it again with their latest visual masterpiece.
Featuring Vine phenom Jamie Costa, their latest film packs a punch.

sorry. horrible pun.
but seriously, watch the video.

Portal Combat – a Film Riot short film

Check out Ryan Connolly and Film Riot‘s latest short film. I love how easy he makes things look, and then he takes the time to break it all down in what seems to be a caffeine-induced speed-talking blitz.

Keep ’em coming, man.


U.F.Oh Yeah – short film

If you want flying saucers, hilarious dialogue, and a wonderful fat suit all rolled into one big ball of Vimeo Staff picked goodness, look no further.

Ryan Connolly has hit it out of the park.


Then check out the BTS from the making of “U.F.Oh Yeah”

Finally, if you want to geek out on all the technical sorcery, check out Film Riot’s YouTube channel here.

Pioneer – short film

A father tells his son the most epic bedtime story ever.

Super glad that Film School Rejects and Short of the Week featured this short by David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints).

Dark and unnerving, you begin to question the truthfulness of the story: is it real? what’s really going on? is it all just a bedtime story? The actors sell it beautifully and the score and cinematography wrap this up into a gorgeous little short film.